Tuesday, February 15, 2011


On Thursday, Februrary 17th, I'll be doing a presentation on Rosetta Code at the Grand Rapids Java Users' Group.


My usual presentation format goes as follows:
  1. Distribute a list of language-specific and language-agnostic pages in advance, including a few pages I think that language's community might find particularly interesting.
  2. Give a quick overview of the site description and history.
  3. Show the URLs I'd distributed on whatever projector or screen is available.
  4. Go into Q&A.
The format is helped by the fact that I'm presenting to computer geeks who've almost certainly brought their computers with them, and would be browsing the web anyway; the URL set gives them a set of starting points for browsing, and seeds questions.

URL List

While some of the URLs change from language to language, there are a few common starting points:
Following that are the language-specific URLs. Since I'm doing a presentation on Java, these will be specific to Java:
Finally, some points of interest:
Presentations on/to Other Languages/Groups

I'd be more than happy to do a presentation on Rosetta Code on other languages, and to other groups. I've done presentations in front of my local Python and Ruby users groups, in front of the local BarCamp, and in front of the Ann Arbor Perl Monger's group (albeit hosted in Lansing by LiquidWeb). I love talking to people who find Rosetta Code's model interesting, and especially to people who program for the sheer fun of it.

Send me an invite, and if the logistics work out (RC isn't my day-job, so there's time/money complications), I'd be happy to come by. I can take as little as five minutes (if I talk fast, skip the language-specific parts, and skip the Q&A), or I can fill as much time as desired with Q&A, participation walkthroughs and showing people around the site's various nooks and crannies.


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