Saturday, May 14, 2011

Downtime this weekend

As I noted, there was an expectation of downtime as the VPS host Rosetta Code sits on moved from one data center to another. It looks like that downtime will be parts of today and/or tomorrow. Here is the email I just received a few minutes ago:
We're moving most of our servers from SVTIX[1] to Market Post Tower[2] this
weekend. we've got layer 2 between the two locations already, so we'll
be bringing down servers in batches of five and moving them five at a shot.
each user should experience something like two hours of downtime, if all
goes well.

This, along with the bandwidth outage earlier this month puts me way
over the SLA, so all users we move will be receiving 25% of a month off.

I am sorry for the short notice; I've made several bad decisions
that led to this short notice, but I think I am correcting some of those.
The deal wasn't even final until two days ago, but the solution to that
is more transparency, not less. Well, more transparency and longer
term agreements. I am sorry.

I'm now signing a long-term contract, and I'll put data as to when these
contracts expire in a publicly accessible place, so this sort of thing
will be more predictable in the future.

Now, market post tower is generally considered a better data center
than SVTIX. It's usually more expensive, It's much nicer looking and
has /much/ better and cheaper bandwidth available. I will immediately
double the bandwidth "don't worry about it" allowances for everyone.
Now, svtix has a better history for power, but CoreSite, I am assured,
has recently upgraded the power systems and the bad old days should be
behind us.

In any case, I am maintaining space at both MPT and SVTIX, though SVTIX
will be largely co-location; most of my Xen hosts will be moved to MPT.
For now, my bandwidth at svtix will be coming from MPT, which should
be an improvement for users still at svtix.

please see for the blow-by-blow.
If your concerned about RC's server's state, latest information will be in #rosettacode and #prgmr on Obviously, please don't harass the prgmr folks just lurk and listen if you're in #prgmr; they'll be working as quickly as they can, and the more time they need to spend responding to questions, the longer things will take.

If you normally use RC's web IRC client, I recommend you find an IRC client more suitable to your tastes.
  • On Linux GUI, X-Chat is very good.
  • On Linux CLI, I use irssi, though I've been investigating switching to WeeChat.
  • On Windows, there's the SilverX X-Chat build, though mIRC is widely used.
  • I can't make a recommendation on Macs, but IRC clients for them are certain to exist.
  • Pidgin supports IRC, and if you aren't in as many channels as I tend to be, it may work well as an IRC client for you.
  • If you still prefer an in-browser solution, try
Also, I've been recommending to many people, personally. We'll see whether that continues dependent on the stability at the new data center.