Sunday, January 2, 2011

Getting 2011 rolling

2011 is going to be a prime year for everybody, Rosetta Code and yourself included. To get started, let's try out simple task creation exercise.

Take a look at the list of the tasks already on Rosetta Code. Each task was written by someone who wanted to show or see how languages handle something.

Think about how something you would like to see demonstrated in other languages. If the task already exists, either contribute to the code examples on that task page, or come up with something else you'd like to see demonstrated.

Create a draft task. Use {{draft task}} at the beginning of the page, give the task an initial description, and provide an initial example in a language or two; however many you feel comfortable providing examples in. While not strictly necessary, providing initial examples helps communicate what you want the task to show.

(How to create the task page itself? Go to, replacing Task_name_goes_here with your task's name, and click the "create this page" link.)